Sunday, October 19, 2008

Beijing dangles bonus for firms to cease high-pollution production

Beijing enterprises could get a government bonus ranging from 500,000 yuan to 2.3 million yuan for ceasing high-pollution production, the city's finance bureau announced on Sunday.

The move is to stimulate the replacement of high-pollution industries with environmentally-friendly economies, according to the Finance Bureau of Beijing.

"Companies such as small cement and paper producers will be on the top of our list," the department said.

Bureau officials said fiscal incentives would be granted in accordance with the amount of energy, water and emission the companies saved or cut.

The municipal government would conduct verification on the related industries who stopped production activities before giving out the bonuses.

The policy was the latest effort of the capital to cut pollutant emissions and save energy. On Monday, up to 800,000 cars were taken off local roads as a traffic restriction officially began. The ban was considered a major step to reducing gas emissions in addition to improving traffic.

Source: Xinhua

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